Case Studies

Case study to improve soils and pasture affected by salinity Longwarry North 2017

Case study on use of compost for pasture growth and species composition Nayook and Neerim farms 2017

Case Study Trialling compost and green manure crops on an organic vegetable farm Cockatoo 2017

Case study to measure impact of compost application on pasture species and root growth Neerim South 2017

Case study on the use of river pebbles for calf-rearing Drouin South 2017

Case study on the effects of compost tea on soil and pasture Nar Nar Goon 2017

Case Study to monitor alternative fertilisers demonstration Moorooduc Plains 2017

Case study to monitor nutrient flows on free range chicken farm Hallora 2017

Case study on Pasture improvement using biological strategies Somers 2018

Case study on Establishment of an intensive market garden site on Phillip Island 2018

Case study on Assessing fodder quality for improved Farm Management Mornington Peninsula 2018

Case study on Controlling Azolla in farm dams Strzelecki hills 2018

Case study Comparing economics of agroforestry vs traditional grazing in steep country

Case study on Pasture Improvement using BioSolids Mornington Peninsula 2018

Case study Demonstrating sustainability of recurrent biosolids applications Pakenham 2018

Case study monitoring the Multi Storey Farming concept Buln Buln 2018

Case study on Monitoring Dung Beetles after release by Cannibal Ck Landcare group 2018

Case study Trialling green manure crops for nutrient cycling in intensive organic horticulture Noojee 2018

Case study trialling the viability of hop production in Bass Coast Bass 2018

Case study Demonstrating soil fracturing for the improvement of drainage in avocados Shoreham 2018

Case study monitoring the effects of living mulch vs purchased mulch in a mountain pepper orchard Jindivick 2018

Case Study to trial different management treatments to mitigate tunnel erosion Bena 2018

Case Study on Strategies to optimise production on an organic dairy farm 2018

Case Study Compost under vines Mornington Peninsula 2018