Farm Planning Courses

We run farm planning courses for landholders most years. These may consist of short 2-3 day courses through to 8 day comprehensive courses such as FarmPlan21. These courses provide information on the latest technologies and practices to assist farmers in managing their properties.

Regenerative Farming Program

Over 70 farmers have now participated in the 7-week Regenerative Agriculture training program we designed with some of Australia’s renowned regenerative agriculture advisors. The next program will run in Aug and Sep 2022. This program focuses on the key principles of regenerative agriculture and delivered by leaders in regenerative agriculture giving you unique insights and tailored advice for implementing regenerative practices on your farm! The course will provide skills, knowledge and support for farmers interested in knowing more about regenerative agriculture principles. Click here to download the expression of interest form.

Master TreeGrower Program

The 8 week MTG program is a fantastic program focusing on forestry and native vegetation management on farms which is driven by the aspirations and opportunities of Australian farmers and underpinned by the best available scientific, market and practical knowledge. The program does not promote particular species, products or management options. The MTG simply encourages farmers to truly aspire to be ‘master tree growers’ in their own right and provides some of the skills, support networks and confidence to launch them on that lifetime journey.

Farm Mapping

There are a number of farm mapping and planning tools utilising GIS software and recent aerial imagery of your property. These programs allow you to map infrastructure, waterways, tracks, native vegetation, pipelines and fencing on your map, making it easy to measure and manage all of these areas.
The programs assist you to provide exact measurements and sizes for all paddocks and areas of your farm. You can print out your aerial maps or convert them into a PDF document with paddocks or proposed works outlined for contractors or staff. Both iFarm & QGIS are examples of programs that farmers can use. Most courses comprise 3x half day sessions.

FCUC- Farm Chemical Users Course

A FCUC is a 10-year permit issued by AGVIC to appropriately trained chemical users, which authorises the purchase of ‘restricted supply chemicals and use of ‘restricted use’ chemicals (i.e. higher risk chemicals) in Victoria. Visit the AGVIC website for more information about FCUC requirements. These courses run on an ‘as needs’ basis.

Soil Courses

Soil courses are very popular and are run on a regular basis. Professional Soil Scientists and Consultants run these courses and they are fun and interactive. Most are full day sessions, with some running over 2 days. Topics include; How do I interpret my soil test results, 1 day intensive soil workshop, soil carbon, soil acidification, soil biology, nutrient budgeting etc.

Fert$mart and GrazFert

Fert$mart and GrazFert courses are for Dairy Farmers and Beef/Sheep farmers respectively. These courses aim to increase the uptake of knowledge in regards to soil and fertility management. We run these courses regularly in partnership with AGVIC, GippsDairy, and Melbourne Water. The course is designed for dairy farmers and local consultants or AGVIC deliver the course. Nutrient Management Plans are developed with each farmer. When implemented, there has been significant savings for many farmers through more strategic fertiliser use.

If you wish to undertake any of these training opportunities, please contact us

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