Fact Sheets

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01 Common Ground – Agricultural Landscape across the Mornington Peninsula

02 Common Ground – I’ve bought a property – now what?

03 Common Ground – Soils of the Mornington Peninsula

03a Common Ground – Soils of the Western Port Region

03b Common Ground – Soils of the South Gippsland Region

03c Common Ground – Soils of the Bass Coast Region

03d Common Ground Soils of Phillip Island & French Island

04 Common Ground – Managing soil on my property

05 Common Ground – Animal welfare basics

06 Common Ground – Pastures – Carrying Capacity

07 Common Ground – Water for livestock

08 Common Ground – Managing a small beef herd

09 Common Ground – Pasture management on horse properties

10 Common Ground – Owning a small sheep enterprise

11 Common Ground – Managing weeds on farms

12 Common Ground – Sustainable management for healthy equine properties

13 Common Ground – Life in the Soil

14 Common Ground – Rabbit Control

15 Common Ground – Fox Control

16 Common Ground – Property Identification Codes (P.I.C)

17 Common Ground – Pasture Improvement

18 Common Ground – Fodder Conservation

19 Common Ground – Responsible use of Agricultural Chemicals

20 Common Ground – Bees in Agriculture

21 Common Ground – A Fire Plan for your Livestock

22 Common Ground – Basic Nutritional Requirements of Horses

23 Common Ground – Forage Crops

24 Common Ground – Local Food Production: Know your Market Options

Cypress decline Fact Sheet

Enhancing your farm dam

Landslips and Erosion

Enhancing Remnant Vegetation

Revegetation Planner

Practical Shelterbelts using Native Plants

Convert wet areas into valuable habitat

Create a woodlot for firewood or habitat

The Economic Benefits of Native Shelter Belts

Multi Storey Farming

Fact sheet – biological approaches for soil and pasture recovery after fire

ATO Establishing shelterbelts on land used in primary production business: Can I claim a tax deduction? What you need to know

ATO Landcare-riparian fact sheet on expenses for primary producers

Cover crops for vegetable growers

Restoring Urban Waterways Factsheets