Network Group Support

This project is designed to support, strengthen, guide direction and build the focus of the 14 Network groups that make up the Westernport Catchment Landcare Network. This will be achieved through implementing effective communication between groups, their members and networks, to encourage and assist groups in their activities, promote Landcare and build partnerships with local schools and businesses, assist groups and individuals to enter Landcare Awards to showcase their works, develop action plans with groups and increase Landcare Groups capacity and confidence to be able to apply for different grants that meet their aims and interests.

For more information please contact the Landcare Group Facilitator on 0490 955 168 or

1.1 Starting up a Landcare group

1.2 Committee function

1.3 Committee roles

1.4 Meeting types

1.5 Effective meetings

1.5 Effective meetings

2.1 Planning

2.2 Strategic planning

2.3 Action planning

3.1 Funding options for community groups

3.2 Partnerships and collaboration

3.3 Sponsorship

3.4 Grants guide for community groups

3.5 Local fundraising

3.6 Using a prospectus to gain funding

3.7 Crowdfunding information