Discussion Group Notes

Green Manures – Organic Vegie & Fruit Growers Disc Group Feb’15

Cockchafers and African Black Beetles – Mar’15

Compost Tea – Jun’15

Organic Rotations – Apr’15

Organic Soil Amendments Sus Ag Disc Group – Sep’14

Plant and Soil Analysis Links Sus Ag Disc Group – Apr’15

Transition to Organics – Organic Vegie & Fruit Disc Group – Jun’15

Understanding Soil Analysis Sus Ag Disc Group – Aug’14

Understanding Soils Sus Ag Disc Group – July’14

Nutritional value of some exotic & indigenous plants browsed by goats – Dr B McGregor – Sep’15

Using goats to control blackberries – Dr B McGregor Sep’15

Ecograzing to control weeds Dr B McGregor – Sep’15

Understanding soil test analysis BeefCheque presentation – C Alenson Oct’15

Composts – Organic Vegie & Fruit Growers Disc Group Aug’15

Biological adjuncts in a Sustainable Farming System – Organic Vegie/Fruit Growers Disc Group – Apr’16